Solid-alloy drills from 0.3 to 1.2 mm in the set.

To expand the functionality of the mini-drill (engraver) DREMEL 4000-4/65 on Ali were bought solid drills in a set from0.3 to 1.2 mm.
There are similar reviews here and there.
The drills came in the usual envelope wrapped in a thin belly.
The drills themselves are different from the one on the seller's pagea boarding limiter, and a convenient storage box. Read More

Digitally adjustable power supply B3603.

  • Price: $55.00 per 5 pc. (I bought 1 piece for $11.88, but now the seller does not have this position).
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Having seen the miracle power supply from the review of comrade kirich, I wanted the same.
But bought not a powerful model, and the youngest, with a weekend current to 3 Amper.Microprocessor management
The main parameters of the module:
Entrance voltage: 6 B q 40 V. Read More

A simple review of the IMAX B6 charger for easy use (good quality clone)

This review is for non-professionals who want to use "professional" devices and devices for their own purposes.Professionals and technicians are asked not to judge strictly, but hints and comments are welcome.
Long dreamed of such a "toy", the main purpose of the purchase - to check the capacity of batteries, as it turned out later, you can also cycle to restore NIMh batteries. Read More

Solid-alloy rolled

Supplement to the previous review
Good for drilling thin sheet materials such as glass-glass
Ordered to sample a set of 1mm rolled with a working part length of 8mm
Why 1mm?
Thinner curls of this type of manual drill is difficult to drill - break only so, and thicker in such quantity is not needed. Read More

Tuning headlights ulan 9

Good afternoon, readers!We've lived up to expectations, but I'd like to be brighter.The text is small, but the installation process is in photos.
A review for those who want to stand out from the drain.
Motivation: The car was not originally equipped with XO (walking lights), as for the year of the production of cars such laws on DHO have not yet been. Read More

Регулятор тембра (Темброблок)

A review of the timbroblock with performance measurements.
Решил послушать как звучит усилитель класса Д на IRS2092. После недолгих
поисков на Али был сделан заказ. Ради интереса «как оно звучит» для него был так же заказан и темброблок.
Since the amplifier is still on the road and the timbroblock has already come then decided
do a review yet on it. Read More

Photo report on the reworking of headphones in the blutouse version

In his first review described the personal mental anguish of the acquisition of FM headphones).
In a recent review, he talked about the Aptx codex-enabled blutouz module and shared his plans to remake the aforementioned FM headphones into a bluetooth version. Read More