DC DC Converter

The idea of ​​getting a 5V battery is far from new,in particular, for this they buy power banks, car chargers and do not know grief. This device was bought in order to get 5V as easily as possible when the battery is outside the car. Sometimes it is lazy to trudge 200-300 meters to the parking lot and it’s easier to put the old battery in the trunk and charge the phone right by the fire, well, irrepressible curiosity, of course! Read More

ESR T4 and how to make it work on Li-Ion 18650 or AA or AAA batteries

For a long time hesitated to buy the ESR-T4 tester, but that's allI bought it. The disappointment was powered by the crown. The krones have long been taken out, they sit down at the most inopportune moment. Since I have been using DC-DC MT3608 (boost converter) and TP4056 modules for Li-Ion battery charge control for a long time, I decided to connect everything into a single whole. Read More

30AWG - breadboard coil quality rating

I was inspired by a neighboring review for this purchase,since it is also quite often necessary to quickly and conveniently assemble devices, and the search for donor wires sometimes takes a lot of time, and soldering with them can be quite troublesome, such as their thickness, which does not allow them to pass through the hole in the board and to melt the insulation when soldered to the heels . Read More

“Smart hood” to the kitchen

Hello. Today, a small overview of the hood in the kitchen. For those who love arduino.
There is a hood in the kitchen, I wanted itto upgrade, the benefit of everything necessary is available. Namely, the BME280 module, a compact 3.3V power supply, a mechanical relay, and an arduin pro mini. I suppose such a plan scheme of the program:
In my opinion, any cooking is associated with increased humidity in the kitchen. Read More

Electrical Instruments DM55-1 AC 80-300V LCD Digital Volt Meter Voltmeter / Voltmeter DM55-1 for household power supply with measuring range AC 80-300V

Recently there have been many reviews onmeasuring instruments. Moreover, the tools themselves and the reviews are often interesting primarily for those for whom such devices are needed in their professional activities. The thing being surveyed is rather oriented towards the household consumer, for whom, for example, it is simply interesting what kind of voltage is in his household network. Read More

12V programmable delay module with an input for control pulses

Continuation of the review of the description of relay modules for DIY, a three-button module - description of work and diagrams
In a previous review, I described a cyclic relayworking on the PS code - in LI mode (Asymmetric repetition of the cycle (initial pulse ON)). In this review, we will consider a more sophisticated module with a set of pre-installed programs and the ability to control additional pulses. Read More

Bluedio T2 +

Hello! I decided to share my experience with bluetooth stereo headphones Bluedio T2 + (or Bluedio T2s).
The main purpose of buying headphones was to get rid offrom another wire at the computer, but asked to find one to serve as a headset at the same time. I like to play online and there voice communication is simply necessary (by the way, at this point I was disappointed, but more on that below). Read More

EDKORS DK40. Another laser roulette that failed.

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today is a mini-review of a good 40m laser roulette with which I was just unlucky.
I ordered a colleague at work, he was very impressed with the convenience of working with a similar tool.
Delivery by post of Finland with the track, the terms are standard.

I arrived safely, even the cardboard box did not wrinkle. Read More

“Dragon Flame”, a 3D metal puzzle in the form of a Red Dragon

Hello. I love various puzzles and everything related to them))). Finally, I again assembled such a puzzle, I didn’t do it for so long that I even managed to miss the assembly process itself =)
If you remember, I’ve written more than once beforereviews on such metal puzzles. And if you have already forgotten, then this review will remind you of these interesting figures, which are obtained at the end of the assembly process ...
This time I ventured to take a bigger puzzle. Read More