DS203, a good, small and simple oscilloscope at a nice price.

In the company of my devices replenishment :).
I have long wanted a toy for myself. It is hard to call a full-fledged oscilloscope, there are cons, but these disadvantages are almost completely compensated by its low price.
More recently, there was a review of this model, in this review there will be only small additions and my comment. Read More

ATtiny85 + ADXL335 = position controller

At the request of readers, I’m telling you exactly what and how I made the ADXL335 from the accelerometer.
The bottom line is that the ladies who are expecting a babythere is a potential danger in the form of sleep on the back in more or less late pregnancy. The problem is that in this case, the blood artery is pinched under the weight of the fetus, which threatens very serious, if not more, consequences. Read More

Li-ion Battery 803040 3.7v for upgrading the BT headset.

I was looking on Ali for an acc of such a dimension (803040) forreplacing the staff in my headset, because not satisfied with the duration of the work thereof. I found this product, I ordered it with doubt (there are no reviews for the product, + 2pcs for a penny) and did not regret it, I’m good, you can take it safely.
Banalities unpacking, tracks, etc. will not. Read More

DC-DC converter mini360

I needed a stabilized power sourcevoltage of 12 volts and a current of 1 A. To sculpt something on linear KREN-LM due to the large dissipation of excess voltage, the terrible heat generation under load closer to 0.5 Amperes for a long time.
After looking at offers on Aliexpress, I found a mini360 step-down module
With its tiny size, it has the following characteristics:
- input voltage: 4.75 - 23 V;
- output voltage: 1.0 - 17 V
- output current: long-term 1.8A, maximum 3A;
- conversion efficiency: 96% (maximum);
- conversion frequency: 340 kHz
- working temperature: -40 to + 85 Celsius;
output ripple: less than 30 mV;
- dimensions: 17mm x 11mm x 3.8mm. Read More

Bluetooth Music Receiver or Kitchen Music

Wife asked to either turn on the music on her computerlouder when she cooks, or make her speakers in the kitchen. And since a bluetooth adapter was purchased for wireless headphones (Bluedio HT), I decided to buy wireless speakers. However, remembering the normal speakers lying around idle from the computer and evaluating the range, I ordered this receiver. Read More

LG 18650D1 3.7V 3000mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries unprotected / Unprotected rechargeable batteries 18650 LG 18650D1

So regular batteries withdeclared capacity of 3000 mAh. This time, the Chinese fires not criticized by everyone, but the LG 18650D1. Those same LG, about which it is customary to write in the comments to reviews, including mine that they are honest, unlike ...
Seller. Oddly enough, obviously not a Chinese, but an Afghan, for the parcel by mail from the Netherlands was sent precisely from this country (Afghanistan). Read More

AMC7135 or resuscitation of the infamous flashlight.

Not so long ago, I laid out a review of one small flashlight.
In that review, I described the problem of this flashlight, in particular the wrong and unusable driver.
As I got out of this situation, read under the cut, it will not be very long, but I think it’s useful.
At first I thought to hook sequentially withLED resistor, as in the review of one of the respected Muscovites (the review was already after I ordered these microcircuits), but decided to do it right, since the resistor only protects against current overload, but there remains the problem of the dependence of brightness on battery voltage. Read More