Budget lightsaber from improvised trash, PVC pipes and LED strip.

It all started with the fact that the children saw the advertisementlightsabers, realized that these are extremely necessary things in the household! and to begin with, they asked them for some regular holiday. Having gone shopping, seeing the price of 1800 rubles / pc, multiplying it by two and adding the cost of batteries - I was taken aback in the most obscene way! Read More

Dial indicator, digital.

Description of a quite good Pribluda, for a narrow audience of readers. Those who wish, you know where to go :)
Here ... So what am I talking about ... AAA ... (at Glenfiddich 12 years of exposure affects).
I dare to show my order for my milling and turning machines.
Being at the stage of remaking from an archaic LPT to usb control of its CNC (cnc) milling cutter ... I was tormented by measuring my “indicator” prod. Read More

Budget illumination for an industrial microscope in one evening

80 mm white light - $ 2.29 + delivery $ 0.53 (took $ 1.91); 60 mm cool white $ 1.68
Ready-made lighting can be bought for $ 15 and not suffer from a collective farm, but this is not our method.
When choosing a backlight for the lens, I stumbled into a COB search for the headlight rings and decided to try to adapt them to my needs. Read More

Inverter welding machine Huter r-200: a review from a layman

  • Price: Including a permanent discount of 6200 rubles. without it, 9,200 rubles. ($ 154.73. With a discount of $ 100)
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I've been trying to stick for quite some timelife principle: "Do you want to do something well - do it yourself." After a certain amount of money wasted, this principle came to an empty amount - for example, for any home-grown mechanics who are trying to change the wheel bearing in the car and simultaneously kill the ABS sensor, the CV joint and God knows what else ... Based on this principle, I slowly grow up with a different tool. Read More

Mini Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, etc.

This is the first review. Made solely because this column has not yet been reviewed (or I have not found it), and undeservedly!;). (But there is one more reason. About it at the end of the review.) If there is interest, click the button ...
I ordered it about 4 months ago. The seller quickly packed and shipped (by the way, very sociable people there, unlike other shops, where you can’t wait for a response). Read More

Budget graphics for Arduino. We write Tetris for the Nokia 5110 display.

Assembling devices on Arduino, we oftenfaced with the need for offline information output. And, as always, I want the solution to be inexpensive. And here it turns out that of the inexpensive devices, the choice is not very rich.
If there is not much information displayed, it is convenient to use seven-segment indicators. Read More

XIAOMI 10400mAh Mobile Power Bank fake, upgraded version.

On this very popular jar more thanenough reviews. Quite detailed and high-quality made and illustrated. To sculpt one more does not make sense. But still I’ll write, since I haven’t met such an assembly that they sent to me. Maybe someone will be interested.
The package went on for a long time, almost two and a half months,I even had to ask the seller for an extension of protection. About a month and a half after the order, the link to the ordered bank disappeared from the page of the site-Sorry, the page was not found. Somehow it alerted. But the seller encouraged -Uso OK chef, the goods are coming, don’t worry. Read More

Wood moisture meter.

In this review we will talk about a moisture meterMD-2G, which was ordered two years ago on this track, will not be unpacked, just like instructions and handbags, everything was lost in two years. ((
And so brief characteristics from the description
• Weight: 150g
• Dimensions: 126mm x 70mm x 29mm
• Display: LCD
• Measurement range: from 5% to 40%
• Accuracy: ± 1%
This is how the device looks like, on the front side of the whole there are 2 buttons, the device doesn’t have any settings and remember it. Read More

Meidong MD05 - Bluetooth speaker with an interesting design and NFC support. At 10W. Or not 10?

I have been eyeing the portable for a long time from thisChinese "brand type" Meidong, aka Mighty Rock. And when a new 10W model appeared, the stock for 1200r (US $ 19.49) with delivery from Russia, could not resist and ordered. What for? Yes, I don’t know. Test, disassemble and refute
Hello, dear forum users! Read More