Audio converter from digital to analog stereo

Hello everybody!
Another review of the device allows you to connect an analog amplifier to a digital audio signal.
The rest is under the cut ...
A friend bought a smart TV and asked to connect external speakers to it. In the telly there were 3 outputs with audio:

  • Headphone output. Its use is not convenient. Constant switching them sooner or later disabled him
  • Scart. In it, the signal was only when receiving a television signal and was not in smart mode, an external signal or a flash drive
  • Optical output. It requires additional equipment, which was ordered on AliExpress

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The analogue of the BST-33 battery for Sony Ericsson, which surprised me.

Due to a significant loss of capacity with the original and not very bst-33 batteries, which I used in the SE k800i and z610i, it was decided to order goods from China.
Briefly: suitable. Opus BT-C3100 showed 1070 mAh, despite the fact that he loves to overestimate readings, it can be argued that the capacity is more or less honest. Read More

Cam cartridge (multi-cartridge) 0.5-3.2 mm, thread 8 x 0.75 mm, or as the Chinese Germans wiped their nose

Here is what the seller writes about him: “It allows you to quickly and easily change accessories on your Dremel.” “You, you say, is so kind in any Leroy Merlin, like dirt ...” But then remember that the thread on the shaft is Dremel UNEF 5 / 16-32 , but not some metric eight ... Who will be interested in this report? Read More

Crimper or crimp

A small review of the crimper from China. In short - suitable for non-industrial use, details below.
In a previous review, I looked at the Chinese stripper, a tool for stripping veins. However, we are cleaning them up not only to contemplate the wonderful coordinated work of the parts of the stripper mechanism. Read More