Humidity Sensor Module HR202

It took to build an automatic circuitturning on the fan in the bathroom after water procedures. Of course, the use of a humidity sensor came to mind, of which there are a great many on the open spaces of aliexpress and similar resources.
Functionally, I saw the entire circuit as a bundle of a humidity sensor and a relay module, a fan, and a power supply for the sensor and relay module. Read More

Speakers are more expensive than headphones or give a second life to trash

TLDR:The most bass drivers I've ever heard. But there is no top ... in general! Actually, I don’t know to whom this can come in handy. Would it be cheaper ... if it’s 2 times, it would be cool, and so, well, what for them! Although people seem to praise ...
Almost a month ago, I posted here a headphone review, which was among other things my first. Read More

A set of metric firmware for the manufacture of keyways

The set consists of 22 items and is designed for cutting keyways with a size of mm.
For cutting grooves of 4 and 5 mm, mandrels and firmware of standard size B1 are used, for 6.8 - C1.
Warning! A lot of photos of iron!
Kit Contents:
4mm B1, 5mm B1, 6mm C1, 8mm C1
B1: 12,14,15,16 mm
C1: 18.19,20,22,24,25,26,28,30 mm
B1: 2 pcs x 1 mm
C1: 1 pc x 1.2mm + 2 pc x 1.5mm
The approximate total weight of the kit is 4 kg. Read More

Charging for any device with microUSB input for charging and current consumption up to 5v 1A

Hi, review of QI Charging for phone. He wrote few reviews, so do not scold him much)
My video review below
The charger is ordinary like any other. + need to buy a QI adapter
How it works, connect the adapter to the micro usb of your device.
We connect the charging to usb or to the outlet, the power goes 5 volt 1 ampere, and put the device with the adapter down. Read More

Cheapest bluetooth headset

I decided somehow to get a headset, so as not to be distracted while driving. To understand how much the game is worth the candle, I ordered the cheapest one. What came of it - look under the cut.
The headset of this kind is abundant in all online stores. It is far from the fact that they are all produced at the same factory and, accordingly, not the fact that they are all of the same quality. Read More

Mini drill for boards powered by AA batteries / lithium / usb + set of 10 drilled

After I began to learn how to make boards, I needed a drill for holes. At first I used a mini hand drill like such, but probably I came across an unsuccessful instance with a displaced axis of rotation - there was one torment to drill.
It was decided to find something simple electric and searches on Ali led me to the hero of the review. Read More

Headphone holder. A simple review of a simple little thing

Hello. I want to briefly talk about a simple headphone holder, maybe someone will come in handy.
I have been using full-size headphones for a long timeLogitech G430 for the PC, but the question constantly arises in their storage. Space on the table is sorely lacking, the mess is permanent and the headphones take up quite a lot of space. Read More