Adjustable Soldering Iron Experience

Recently, I had to repair a lot of small things. However, to do this with an available EPSN-25 soldering iron was not always convenient.
An expensive Chinese soldering iron was ordered and received with a temperature adjustment of 200 to 450 degrees.

Complete with a soldering iron there is a set of tips of five pieces for performing various types of work (Hakko 900 series replicas). Read More

Overview of light bulbs in a feminine way. DIY make-up mirror.

I’ve been on this site for almost 3 years. And all these 3 years I have been tormented by the memories of my first not very successful review about ... light bulbs!)
With this review, I will try to rectify the situation and talk about one interesting application of the very bulbs to which even the link burned out ... but they don’t)
I give a link in the review to similar bulbs and, judging by the reviews, even quite good ones. Read More

PIR pyroelectric infrared motion sensor (HC-SR501) and tricks with a choice of operating modes.

  • Price: $ 2.80 (US $ 1.26 - sort of like a permanent share).
  • Go to the store

Somehow a motion sensor came to me. But in the seller’s pictures he was with a jumper block for choosing operating modes, and in my case there were just pins on the printed circuit board for soldering instead of the block.
I tried to solder the jumper I needed and this is what came of it. Read More

Overview of a pile of old coins and vernier caliper

I bought a bunch of fake old coins and tell them about them. And as a bonus - the today vernier caliper for reviews already mentioned
I saw the "store" of this seller and realized I want a lot of its range. Even without being a numismatist - the desire to hold them in your hands, consider everything, feel everything. Read More

Set for replacing ear cushions and upholstery for the upper arch - bringing life back to the old Bose QC15

The rich also cry, premium technology toodeteriorates, becomes obsolete and breaks. My Bose QuiteComfort 15 headphones, purchased back in 2009, have served me faithfully all this for a long time. The ear pads burst, the upper arch (supposedly leather) was dilapidated and bald.
When I was in Shanghai, I looked at the Bose official service center. Read More

Updated hot air gun (soldering hair dryer) Yihua 8858-i.

For those in a hurry and looking diagonally - it’s worth buying.
The link to the product is already from another seller - the one from whom I made the order closed this position.
Occasionally doing small repairs at homevarious radio electronics. Of course, the level is far from being a “professional”, but as they say, with which we can;) ... In this vein, I have long wanted to acquire a full-fledged soldering station, but the size of my amphibian is overwhelming every time - especially since I do not have direct income from this hobby, but beer from grateful friends is still a non-convertible currency ... Nevertheless, a little over a year ago, the CXG 936d was acquired, which I am very pleased to this day. Read More

24V 2A Electric Bike Charger

Charger for canister24 volt bicycle battery. At the time of purchase - the cheapest of those found on Ali. The quality of execution was not surprising, but it works as stated. I recommend if there is no other. Dismemberment, telephone photos, a couple of measurements.
The idea to buy a spare charge for the bike came up with me as soon as the bike itself appeared (Eltreco Marsel of the first issue). Read More

Tweezers with Aliexpress

Recently, technology has stepped farforward. And if an ordinary consumer sees only their external side in the form of the design and functions of gadgets, then for people keen on electronics or whose professional activity is connected with it, new technologies are not only the appearance, but also the evolution of the element base, tools, devices. Read More

Multimedia Speaker Hi-Rice SD-501

Good day to all comrade-in-arms Muscovites!
I present to you a review of a small, even rather - very small multimedia column.
Welcome for cut
The product was bought at, but it is no longer sold there, so there is a link to aliexpress.
Contrary to tradition, there will be no photo of the yellow packet, for there was nothing unusual in its form (packet). Read More