RGB LED panel or my first introduction to the creeping line

Not long ago, a friend asked me to help him with the purchase of components for a running line, with which he wanted to decorate his store a little.
Before, we only saw them from others, so we began to figure out how to organize all this.
They chose what they wanted, I ordered, received and decided to try first at home. Read More

DC-DC Step Down Converter to XL4015

I once needed a step-downconverter with an output power of up to 30W, good efficiency and the ability to limit current. Googling on the topic, I chose the XL4015 converter board for myself. An overview of such a board was already at bestsumreviews.com - bestsumreviews.com/blog/aliexpress/46321.html or here is a simplified version of it without current adjustment bestsumreviews.com/blog/aliexpress/46321.html
In this review, I want to talk about the measured parameters of the device and its modifications for full work. Read More

Pyrometer - digital electronic non-contact infrared thermometer DT-380

Nevertheless, I decided to buy this miracle of the Kitprom.
Because I think that this should be with me.
I watched in tyrnet that the DT-380 is actively sold in our country. I read the reviews and - like the norm.
Ordered ... received in the mail. Well, everything is as usual.
There is nothing special to describe, the pyrometer works. Compare with other SI and AND is not possible. Read More

Review of Wavefun X-buds IPX7 Bluetooth Headphones that Athletes Worth Buying

Hello! Suitable Bluetooth headphones Wavefun X-buds with IPX7 for sports. More information under the cut. Enjoy reading.
CharacteristicsMain characteristics of the goods:

  • IPX7
  • 7 hours of work
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Microphone
  • Noise suppression

Order and Delivery Previously I saw the announcement on w3bsit3-dns.com about these headphones, but for some reason there are no sensible reviews. Read More

PowerBank ICOQUE Build Kit with Solar Charging and Flashlight.

A small overview of the kit for self-assemblya bank with 5 elements of 18650. This set bribed with its affordable price with various buns on board, such as a case, a flashlight and a solar panel.
Another serious debate under the charge reviewfor lithium, they gave birth to a link to this device from one of the commentators with the argument “why pay money just for a fee if there is a ready-made kit with all the goodies for the same price” and a link, for which I thank him. Read More

New in-ear headphones from Xiaomi.

Hello. It's no secret that Xiaomi acts not only as a manufacturer of smartphones, but also as a manufacturer of other accessories, in particular headphones. Xiaomi's most popular headphones were the Pistons, the first and second model. In the same year, they released several new models at once: Piston 3, Piston 3 Young Edition, Overheads (forgot the name, excuse me) and more recently, Piston Pod Earphones (their other name is Xiaomi 1More Design, but they are rare used). Read More

Trimmer resistors size 3296 and multi-turn potentiometer connection

A few days ago, I submitted to courtMuskovchan, a home-made Laboratory linear power supply ... Despite the fact that the Chinese are selling a Laboratory linear power supply, I decided to continue the topic of a home-made power supply, I need to do something better than the Chinese crafts ... Since the unit is linear, it means it converts all the "extra" load into thermal energy ... Yes, you have to pay for all the good ... Therefore, we will consider in this review the automatic switching unit of the transformer windings, which will allow our Linear PSU not to turn into a stove ... And for this design and tuning resistors for different resistance are needed ... Offline, each multi-turn potentiometer costs a completely humane amount of money (at least in Almaty), therefore it is better to buy an assorted kit in China ... If you are engaged in radio technology, then these potentiometers will still be useful to you ... Everyone who are interested welcome to Kat ...
As you can see, I bought a set of potentiometers in 2013
Confirmation here

Trimmers were some kind of unrealistic money, at the present time, but I still use them in my designs ...
They sent me from China 10pcs of each resistor value. Read More

Multi-review of power banks. Two nouns of 50,000 vs XIAOMI 16000mAh

Clash of the titans or slaughter of babies? Indeed, in the declared values, the declared characteristics are much higher than some kind of lousy 16,000 from XIAOMI. The price of both was chosen in such a way as to approximately equal 50% of the price of XIAOMI and somehow, by their joint efforts, show more serious results than 16,000. Read More