How much does a 1 meter LED strip consume, its power and characteristics, reviews and lighting experiments

Recently, LED lamps are ubiquitousincandescent lamps and housekeepers are crowding out, but the practice of their use (discrepancy between the actual consumed and rated power, time between failures) prompted the idea that the Chinese comrades went the wrong way. Read More

Silicone pad to protect the soldering table

I looked at my wife’s kitchen in the kitchen for a silicone baking mat, I liked it visually, I decided to order a similar one to protect the workplace when soldering and other crafts.
I found a rug on Aliexpress, along with delivery it cost me 140 rubles.
It is very convenient that the envelope was thrown directly into the box, I did not have to go to the post office for it. Read More

We remake the radio on lithium

The site has disclosed in detail the topic of remaking screwdrivers for lithium. Recently, there was a good article on remaking electric toys on lithium batteries. In my review, install lithium in the radio.
I have an old Sony radio. Power supply from the device’s PSU is 12 V. I installed a bluetooth module ( and a battery like this one - . Read More

Popular VE MONK PLUS in-ear headphones. Another opinion

Hello dear users. Today I want to tell you about the rather popular VE MONK PLUS in-ear headphones. Anyone interested in the details I ask for cat.
Packaging and equipment
The packaging is the simplest, it is a bag with various inscriptions and an image apparently of the creator of the headphones, but nevertheless it is pleasing to the eye. Read More